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The Crystal Lake Raiders Flag Football Program


The 2017 season will not have a flag football program.
Flag football is a developmental program to introduce the game of football to our youngest participants. It is an opportunity for kids between the ages of 5 - 6 (and 7 year olds under 50 lbs.) to learn the fundamentals of football in a less aggressive environment with minimal contact compared to the tackle division, with the same standard skillsets we teach our kids at every level. It is also an opportunity for parents that may have reservations and/or concerns about their child playing a contact sport like football, to ease into the sport.

Practices are designed to teach the fundamentals and basic techniques of the game, while keeping it fun for the kids, and are structured very similar to the tackle side. Practices are held 2 - 3 times a week, with one game on Saturdays.

Combines kick off our football season at the end of July. It gets the kids back into being football ready. During these two weeks kids will learn fundamentals and/or refine basic skills. At the same time, coaches will be evaluating the kids to determine plan for team selection.

The length of the season is the same as the tackle, with 8 games, however there are no playoffs typically ending in October/November. Home games are at Lippold Field in Crystal Lake. We try and maintain a standard level of competition however standings are not kept, as this is a developmental program.

Our goal is to teach the kids (and parents) the game of football in a less physical environment, and get them prepared and comfortable for the eventual progression to full contact tackle football. Safety is our number one concern, with fun and learning being our second.

Flag Football registration costs includes a flag jersey to keep at the end of the season, and pants that will need to be returned, and a mouth guard. Registration costs do not include game socks, practice jersey, practice pants, cleats, protective cup, additional mouth guards, and any other gear. Registration fees also cover the standard league fees, refs, field maintenance, and equipment for coaches for practices, etc.

See the registration page for program pricing and other detail.

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