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The Crystal Lake Raiders Understand that Safety is Top Priority.

Make it Yours Too!!

Stay informed and play smart for proper prevention and care.

We want to have a great game and it's fun to win, but not at the expense of the kids safety. We care about the kids. That is why keeping them safe is such a high priority for the Crystal Lake Raiders League. Our commitment to the athletes, parents, coaches, and community is to do everything we can to properly train everyone involved, and continuously implement ways to protect the kids.

We equip our players with the safest and latest equipment, provide year-round training and run background checks for all coaches and the Board of Directors. We mandate that all coaches for cheerleading and football be certified according to the latest safety recommendations through The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL)USA Football, the youth football development partner of the NFL, and Illinois Recreational Cheerleading Association (IRCA). We do everything we can to keep the kids safe so they can enjoy their Raiders experience.

Crystal Lake Raiders, Along with TCYFL, Support USA Football's Health & Safety Initiatives


Heads Up Football is USA Football's national initiative to help make the sport of football better and safer. It is a comprehensive collection of resources, programs, applications & promotions to create change and address the complex challenges of player health & safety in youth football.

Take some time and review this resource on concussion awareness. The website offers valuable information on preventing injuries, including video tutorials of the safe way to tackle, signs & symptoms, proper equipment fitting and more. USA Football - Concussion Awareness

TCYFL reinforces player safety standards by incorprating USA Football initiatives, as well as, some of their own. One way of doing that is by having their TCYFL teams participate in Baseline Concussion Testing with Centegra. The guidelines for participation are as follows 

  • All returning players 12 years old and older (as of September 1st) will be tested every 2 years .
  • All returning players 10 or 11 years of age (as of September 1st) will be tested prior to the start of the season.
  • All new players 10 years of age and older (as of September 1st) will be tested prior to the start of the season.

During a TCYFL game, there is absolutely no leading with the crown of the helmet. The first offense is penalized with a15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty; the 2nd is automatic game disqualification.


  • TCYFL has arranged to have an Accelerated Rehab Center Certified Trainer Personnel at all sanctioned TCYFL games. For a complete list of services Accelerated provides to TCYFL game participants, visit their Parents page.
  • Our Crystal Lake Raiders football coaches are required to complete the TCYFL Advanced Concussion Training and the USA Football and Flag Certification, which provides important information on coaching theory, football fundamentals and safety, including concussion prevention and awareness.
  • Besides providing our coaches with the best training and players the best equipment we have every helmet re-conditioned and re-certified.

Additional Resources


  • Background Checks are done on every football and cheerleading coach, volunteer and board member.
  • TCYFL has implemented the guidelines to deal with extreme heat at all youth football games and practices. It is designed to provide participants with a standard for safe play in situations of extreme heat. TCYFL Heat & Hydration Guidelines
  • Lippold Field, where the Raiders play home games, is equipped with ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System to detect inclement weather conditions to warn visitors.


Concussions and injuries can also be a concern with cheerleading accidents too. It's important to be aware of the signs and symptoms, and ways to prevent it.

  • The AACCA also has many helpful resources on their website about cheer safety, including videos of the stunts.

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