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Crystal Lake Raiders

The Crystal Lake Raiders Youth Football and Cheer League realize the sport is more than just a competition or game. It is an opportunity to empower the kids to face their future with confidence.

Crystal Lake Raiders

Crystal Lake Raiders

P.O. Box 1578, 
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

2019 Crystal Lake Raiders; "We are the Raiders!"

2019 Kick Off Classic

The Crystal Lake Raiders would like to THANK all of the Players, Parents, and Volunteers that made this years Kick Off Classic a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!


See you next year!!!!


2018 Middle PAC Super Bowl Champions

2018 Middle PAC Super Bowl Champions!!!!

Wk 6 Scores

Bantam Big Ten- 20  (6-0)                         Cary- 0

Batam PAC- 13 (0-6)                                     Cary- 20

Feather Big Ten- 19 (5-1)                         Cary=19

Feather PAC- 26 (5-1)                                LV- 6

Middle Big Ten-   (4-1)                          

Middle Silver PAC- 30 (5-1)                 Cary-7

Middle Black PAC-        (5-0)                 

Lightweight Black- 8  (1-5)                  Cary-12          

Lightweight Silver- 36 (6-0)               North Shore- 6

Varsity- 10 (4-2)                                         Cary= 22

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