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The New "Varsity" and "Junior Varsity"

By, 01/16/18, 12:30PM CST


Every year our league The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) takes on the challenge of continuous improvement. A vast amount of effort is put into self-examination of its current rules, guidelines, policies, proposals, and constitution all with one simple premise in mind: How do we make the league better for current and future players. This year is no exception. While there are several new rules this year, the main one we wish to make you aware of falls under the umbrella of what we have referred to in previous years as the "Heavyweight" division. Big Ten Heavyweight will now be referred to as "Varsity" and Pac Ten Heavyweight will be "Junior Varsity." Make no mistake this is not just some random name change. Varsity and Junior Varsity is a combined roster of all players, which allows for greater flexibility with injuries and absence of players on game day,

while simultaneously enhancing the CL RAIDERS core values: leadership, positive team environment, and developing every player regardless of skill. Varsity teams must designate at least 10 Varsity only players with all others are available for both Varsity and Junior Varsity games. In short, your player may be asked to participate in more than one game per weekend, but not more than six quarters (ISHA rule). Junior Varsity games will be played in accordance with the 11 On/11 Off rule, and the season will conclude with a one week Bowl Game (Week 10). At this time - it is not possible for us to definitively state how many Varsity and Junior Varsity teams the CL RAIDERS program will field, but, rest assured, we will adhere to and implement the Varsity/Junior Varsity concept into our program.

Raiders E-mail Updates

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If they previously received email updates, but haven't for a while their spam filters may be blocking them. To avoid this, they should add our newsletter email address to their email contact list (

Our updates are also archived on our site for your reference. Check them out.

The New Raiders Website

We're excited to get everyone acquainted wih our new website. There's so much to tell you about. Where do we begin......?!?

For now, we'll just review some of the functionality that we think you will really like.

Now you can create one login and then so much is customized to you. Every year when you register, it will remember your information and you won't have to spend time entering it all in over and over and over. If you have more than one child with the Raiders, you can register them at the same time, quickly and easily. No more having to register them individually.

Once teams are assigned, your coach will send you an invite to join the team page. It's easy to use and set up similar to the functionality of Facebook. You can post to the team, share photos, your coach can give updates to the team, they can send group texts for last minute information (and so can you), you will

automatically have your team schedule....and better yet, if you have more than one child with the Raiders, both of your kids schedules will be in one place....and even better, you can download your schedules into your desktop or smartphone so you don't have to type each game individually. And, if you have trouble with any of it, there is an 800# that you can call to have someone walk you though it. There won't be a need for teams to create Facebook pages or Team Snap accounts. You can even download a free app for your smartphone for easier accessibility to these features.

We will have so much more valuable information for you, your kids and your coaches. This will be our main place for all of our communication. We will contnue to build on the content as the season gets closer and as the season goes on.

So stay connected. Make sure you check back often!!