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Tackle Football

The Crystal Lake Raiders Tackle Football Program

Our travel tackle football program builds on fundamentals to enhance the kid's knowledge, skill and overall play. There are five levels of play based on a combination of the player's age and weight. Within each level there are three divisions: PAC 10, MAC/WAC 10 and Big 10. The number of divisions we will compete in is based on the number of teams we field in a given year.
The levels in ascending weight limit order are Flyweight (ages 5-6), Bantamweight (ages 7-8), Featherweight (ages 9-10), Middleweight (ages 11-12), Lightweight (ages 13-14) and Heavyweight (ages 13-14).

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  • Big 10 - The Big 10 emphasizes competition at a high level, and includes each member community's best and most capable players at each level, drafted to teams prior to drafts for Pac 10. It is the TCYFL's intent to provide all Big 10 players a reasonable playing time opportunity in each game (except for illness, injury, disciplinary reason, etc.)


  • The Pac 10 - The Pac 10 emphasizes instruction, development and participation. Pac 10 teams are composed of players not participating in the Big 10 or MAC.
  •  Flyweight Level is Pac 10 only. It is the introduction to tackle football.


Combines kick off our football season. It gets the kids back into being football ready. During these two weeks kids will learn and/or refine skills. At the same time, coaches will be evaluating the kids to determine the appropriate team for them. The end of the season is typically in November or sooner depending on whether or not they make the playoffs.

Games & Practice

All play is based on Illinois High School Association (IHSA) rules and principles. Typically, TCYFL teams have half their games at home, and travel for the other half. Games can be on Saturdays or Sundays and can generally be anytime between 9AM and 6PM. Home games are played at Lippold Field in Crystal Lake. The head coach determines which Crystal Lake field and when to hold practices. They follow TCYFL guidelines on the amount of practice allowed at different points of the season. See the TCYFL Rules & Guidelines for more detail.


There are a total of (46) Associations in the Chicago Land Pop Warner program.   Full list of communities are listed here;


  • Tackle Football registration costs include the use of a helmet, shoulder pads, rib guards, game pants, removable pads and mouth guard during the season. A game jersey is also included to keep at the end of the season.
  • Registration costs do not include game socks, practice jersey, practice pants, cleats, protective cup, padded shirts (if so desired), additional mouth guards, and any other gear. Integrated pants are available for purchase for the player to keep.
  • Registration fees also cover the standard league fees, refs, field maintenance, and equipment for coaches for practices, etc.


Raiders Football Operations

Shawn Driscoll

Raiders TCYFL Representative

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