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Competitive and Non-Competitive Recreational Cheerleading
The Crystal Lake Raiders are proud to offer cheerleading (age 3 - 8th grade) for children at all levels of ability and experience. Our main goal is to teach cheerleading skills in a fun, safe environment. Please see our Cheerleader/Parent Handbook for detailed information about our policies, procedures, and expectations.

All cheerleading teams perform cheers, stunts, jumps and tumbling on the sidelines during the Raiders football games. Teams are formed based on grade level, with 1-3 grade levels per team, depending on the number of participants.

The following cheerleading options are available, based on grade level:

  • Age 3 - 5 - Tiny Tots
    • $100
    • Program runs July through October- weather permitting
    • Weekly practices
    • Games 
    • Halftime performances
    • Participation Trophy

  • Semi Competing (K-2nd) --If your child is 5 and in kindergarten you may choose whether she is on Tiny Tots or a competing team
    • $375
    • 2 Competitions
    • Weekly practices 
    • Games 
    • Halftime performances 
    • 20 awesome weeks of cheer :) Runs from July through September
  • Full Competing (3rd - 8th grade)​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​$450
    • 3 comps 
    • Professional Choreo
    • Weekly practices 
    • Games 
    • Halftime performances 
    • New Competition tops... families keep 
    • 20 awesome weeks of cheer :)

All teams perform at our annual Family Performance Night

No experience is necessary to join either competing or non-competing teams - no try-outs! Newcomers are welcome at every age/level. Anyone from any location can join, there are no city boundaries for recreational cheerleading.


Held between mid-July and mid-November. The times will vary by team. Practices are held outdoors in the warm months, and indoors in the colder months.

Competing Cheer Program (2nd -8th, 4 comps) $450
Competing Cheer Program (K-1st, 2 comps $375
Tiny Tots Program $100

Crystal Lake Raiders Youth Football & Cheer Sponsors

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