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Crystal Lake Raiders

At The Crystal Lake Raiders Youth Football and Cheer League, we are on a mission to ignite the fire of personal growth, skill development, and goal achievement in our young athletes through the power of football and cheerleading. We understand that these sports are more than just games and competitions; they are a unique opportunity to empower our children to face their future with unbreakable confidence in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment.


Welcome to Crystal Lake Raiders Football & Cheer! We proudly affiliate with TCYFL and USA Football for our youth football team. Our youth cheer is a part of ICA, represented by distinguished board member Cassie Cleary for Region 5. 


Crystal Lake Raiders prioritizes safety above all else. We value the well-being of our players and take extensive measures to ensure their protection. From the latest equipment to certified coaches and thorough background checks, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our athletes. Our commitment extends to concussion awareness, actively participating in the USA Football's Heads Up Football initiative. Join us in creating a safe and enjoyable football experience. Together, we can prioritize safety without compromising the thrill of the game. Visit our website for more information.


Crystal Lake Raider Sponsorship

Become a Proud Sponsor of the 2024 Crystal Lake Raiders!

For over four decades, the Crystal Lake Raiders have stood as a beacon of youth football and cheer excellence in our community. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to fostering growth, teamwork, and character development.

The unwavering support of partners like you have defined our journey. Your dedication plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young athletes both on and off the field.

Looking ahead to 2024, we invite new sponsors to join our cause. By becoming a sponsor, you contribute to creating a nurturing environment where young talents can thrive and learn invaluable life skills. Your involvement directly impacts the future of our community.

Why Sponsor? 

Community Impact: Your support helps build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Empower Young Athletes: Make a difference in the lives of youth by providing them with opportunities to excel.

Visibility: Gain recognition through our events, programs, and online presence.

Visit our Sponsorship Opportunity page for comprehensive information and to download our sponsorship packet. Join us in empowering the next generation of leaders!

We extend our gratitude to all our future sponsors for considering this impactful partnership. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our young athletes. 

For More Information Email Crystal Lake Raiders